About Us


The Forensic Microbiome Database (FMD) is a human microbiome analysis resource that correlates publicly available 16S rRNA sequence data obtained from multiple body sites to metadata as it relates to forensics.

The Forensic Microbiome Database (FMD) aims to:

  • Provide the forensic and scientific community with an evidence-based resource that fully describes the literature and sequences of microbial evidence-type samples.
  • Maintain a database consisting of quality controlled sequence data, metadata, and their associated analyses.
  • Create a platform consisting of tools that allows users to perform analyses using their own data, to visualize and quantify the results, and to compare their results with publically available data.

The FMD welcomes your submission of data and encourages you to use the different tools available for data comparison and sample characterization. Please visit the FMD User Manual for a full description of the resource and examples of use cases. For all additional questions feel free to contact the FMD team.

If you use the FMD to assist in research publications, abstracts, presentations, or proposals, the preferred method to cite the FMD is as follows: “Data was obtained from the Forensic Microbiome Database (FMD) through http://fmd.jcvi.org